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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Care Agency

When the time has come to consider hiring a home care agency to support and care for the elderly in your family, it is critical to know the level of management the home care agency will provide. T…

Distinguishing Between the Different Types of Dementia

Solving a jigsaw puzzle can be confusing. There are many different pieces and the clues are not always obvious. It is often the same with dementia. The condition is puzzling to all those affected …

6 Key Reasons to Hire an In-Home Care Worker for an Ageing Loved One

Many seniors today are fortunate enough to enjoy living independently well into their golden years. However, older adults eventually reach a point when they need help around the house. While this …

Why Older Adults Prefer Ageing in Place.

As our families’ age, the question of how to provide the best aged care services is the most common and difficult question encountered by families. The required level of care for the elderly varie…

Can Fasting Help Fend Off Parkinson’s Disease?

Let’s start with three facts: Parkinson’s is a disease with no known cure.Certain drugs may help control symptoms – but they may have side effects.Parkinson’s researchers and patients are on th…

Day 1 With a New Care Worker in Your Home

You’ve done the interviews and chosen an in home Care Worker that seems right for your parent or spouse as they are ageing in place. Now it’s time for them to arrive for their first day on the job…

Beat Family Carer Burnout with these 10 Resilience-Building Techniques

Resilience is a characteristic that helps family Carers bounce back from sadness, exhaustion, and difficulty. It can protect them from developing compassion fatigue and burnout when providing care…

Is it Time for 24 Hour in Home Care?

The decision to either start with 24 hour in home care, or increase to this level of in home care, can be a difficult one. As family members, we may not want to accept our ageing in place loved…

Home Care vs. Home Health Care & What Care Workers Do

Mum has a fall while ageing in place at home, and everything changes. If you haven’t had this experience, or one like it, but you have an ageing parent without in home care, chances are you will. …

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