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Private Hire or An In Home Care Agency: Which is Best for Your Loved One?

In home care services go above and beyond assistance with daily activities and can help your senior loved one thrive while ageing in place, even with a chronic disease or medical issue, all while …

Hiring a professional Care Worker offers family members several different benefits

It is not always easy to determine exactly when an ageing loved one needs further support. Care needs following an injury or sudden change can be obvious, but sometimes the indicators are subtle. …

Are you a Family Member Caring for your Parents?

Did you know? Carers make up nearly 11% of Australia’s populationThat 7 out of 10 primary carers are womenThe average age of a primary carer is 54

If you need some help around the house or think it’s time to look into aged care while staying at home, we’re here to help.

Older Australians have spoken, and there is a strong preference to remain in their own homes as they age.  A full and happy life while ageing in place is made possible with the support of in-…

In home care for seniors that have Parkinson’s

At Home Care Assistance, you and your family’s health, wellness and comfort are our top priorities.

Should I Hire a Private Care Worker or Use an Agency?

As a Geriatric Care Manager, I am often asked about whether to hire a private Care Worker or go through a home care agency. The question is so prevalent that a colleague and I wrote a book about t…

Parkinson’s and the Power of Music

Music has long proven to promote wellness and healing – physically, psychologically, and emotionally and is used for this purpose routinely by in home care agency care workers and aged care servic…

Building a Strong Relationship with Your in Home Care Worker

Building and maintaining a good relationship with your professional in home Care Worker seems like it would be straight-forward, but it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how. It is a rela…

Spotting & Stopping Malnutrition

Can you imagine a senior loved one in your life that is hungry or not getting the food they need, but nobody knows it? This has been called hidden hunger, a phrase that describes the problem of ma…

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