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Inspiration and strategies for caregiving and positive aging.
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Tips for Staying Active When it is Cold Outside 

Exercising regularly is good for heart and bone health and the body as a whole. Yet almost 90% of people aged 65 and older do not get enough exercise. 1 It is recommended that people aged 65 o…

Managing Appointments: How Home Care Can Help Seniors Stay on Track 

As we age, we often need to attend more appointments to look after ourselves. This might be medical, dental, physical, specialist, or other types of appointments. If you know you need an appoi…

How to Keep Your Bones Healthy as You Age 

As we age, our bones can become increasingly fragile. This can result in fractures, which cause pain and affect the ability to live independently and be mobile. Healthy bones enable us to stay…

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining physical and mental health. However, as we age, our bodies change, and it can be challenging to sleep well. At Home Care Assistance, our Ca…

Home Care Assistance: Premier Provider of Personalised Aged Care Services

At Home Care Assistance, we are committed to providing top-tier, personalised in-home care that caters to the evolving needs of older individuals. As premier home care providers, we offer a wide r…
An elderly couple walking in cold layer. They have multiple layers of clothing on to keep them warm.

Personalised In-Home Care by Home Care Assistance Australia

As Australians age, the desire to remain in their own homes rather than moving to a care facility is increasingly common. Home Care Assistance specialises in providing personalised and flexibl…

Top Tips for Helping Seniors Experiencing Anxiety

As we get older, there can be lots of change. This, along with issues such as declining health and mobility, can result in an increase in anxiety for older adults. Experiencing anxiety can imp…

Tips for Staying Socially Connected this Winter

Staying socially connected helps our mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, one in five older Australians report feeling loneliness.[1] Winter, with its colder weather and higher rates of…

Signs Your Loved One May Need Home Care

We all know that our loved one’s physical health can change as they get older. While often loved ones can adapt to these changes and continue living independently, eventually, they may need so…

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