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Supporting Independence for Seniors at Home

The Importance of Independence Seniors value their independence. Independence and control are empowering. As we age, our support needs change. That doesn’t mean seniors need to lose their indep…

Show Your Heart Some Love: Heart Health Tips for Seniors

Thump. Thump. Thump. Your heart continues beating every day and it’s easy to take your heart for granted until you run into problems. Taking care of your heart involves the same strategies for imp…

Frailty in Older Adults

Frailty in Older Adults Did you know that frailty and being frail are two different things? Frailty is a medical condition, whereas describing someone as “frail” can have many meanings. In this…

15 Dementia Care Do’s and Don’ts

Caring for someone living with dementia is unlike caring for any other diagnosis. Dementia care requires a holistic approach that treats the whole person, not just the dementia. This means focusin…

Pros and Cons of Assisted Living vs. Home Care

There may be no more stressful decision than deciding between assisted living and in home care for the elderly and those ageing in place. How and when this decision is made is based on many factor…

How Walking Can Promote Stroke Recovery

Research continues to show that walking after a stroke is one of the most important things you can do to promote recovery. Clinical studies prove that walking helps a stroke victim regain strength…

A Step-by-Step Knee Replacement Recovery Timeline for Seniors

Most people will experience improved quality of life after a total knee replacement. They report less pain and can move more easily, which is great.

18+ Home Tips for Alzheimer’s Home Safety

After a dementia diagnosis, safety at home is often a big concern in care for the elderly. When our abilities change our homes can disable and isolate us. Most current environments do not meet our…

Activities for People Living with Dementia

More and more people are currently looking for things to do to reduce their risk of developing dementia. Diet modification, brain teasers, exercise and meditation are all popular tactics. Wha…

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